Central Illinois in the Civil War, Day by Day : A Journey through the Civil War through the eyes of individual Soldiers, and their loved ones, with additional documentation provided by the newspapers of Central Illinois.
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Erford, Benjamin
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Civil War letter written by Benjamin F. Erford, who served in the Union Army.

Written to John, He received a letter from his son today Sunday Morning which brought him much joy. He says he will send him his clothes and brought a Confederate pistol to give him, which he keeps in his map sack in the clothes room.

A letter earlier in May addressed to John, he asks why he doesn't write to him anymore. Benjamin wants to know if it's because he writes what he may not want to hear or that he's gotten out of fashion of him being away in the War. He says he would give a thousand worlds like this if he had them to give, to get out of Uncle Sam's Service.

He says his family may think he can come home anytime, but he has to wait for the doctor to release him. Except some soldiers left during the night and crawled out the window and went home and nothing is said about them here.

The mail has come and there is still no letter from John. Benjamin is unsure because he wrote to have his letters sent on in Nashville and Louisville but none have come from either place and leaves him to think John hasn't sent any at all. "If you would just write to me to quit writing I will do so at once but it will be hard to quit inform you where I am and How I am getting along But write so I do know.' Also brings up the other children and wants to hear from them and to receive their letters. It's been 38 days since he's heard anything from home.
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Civil War letter written by Benjamin F. Erford
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