Central Illinois in the Civil War, Day by Day : A Journey through the Civil War through the eyes of individual Soldiers, and their loved ones, with additional documentation provided by the newspapers of Central Illinois.
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Erford, Benjamin
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Civil War letter written by Benjamin F. Erford, who served in the Union Army. From the hospital in Chicago.

June 1st: Writes to his wife, son, and mother. He replies to his wife's letter in which she told him she was sick and tired of writing(?) and farming and wishes that he would come home. He responds she would think otherwise if she knew how tired he was serving out his time in hospital, wants to wait to talk about what US service is like until he gets out of it. Has a crushed shoulder(?) Talks of the doctor examining him and when he expects to get out of the hospital. Writes of the weather——storming and cold——and tells John of the ships and their sails in the harbor.

Monday June 1st: Describes supper that the "old lady" has again brought them, comes once a day. Says they get cold corn mush, four of them get food sent up to them and do without eating. They asked the doctor if they could get food outside but he denied them.

June 2nd, 10 O'Clock Morning: Writes to his wife that the boys are in good spirits at hoping to be released from the hospital. Tells John the news in the newspaper is not worth a one cent stamp so won't send him any today. Says Grant has still not gotten Vicksburg yet today and says he will send a paper soon as he gets a letter from her.
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Civil War letter written by Benjamin F. Erford
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