Central Illinois in the Civil War, Day by Day : A Journey through the Civil War through the eyes of individual Soldiers, and their loved ones, with additional documentation provided by the newspapers of Central Illinois.
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Erford, Benjamin
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Civil War letter written by Benjamin F. Erford, who served in the Union Army.

Writes from city of Louisville (KY) April 29, 1863
Written to his children.

To his daughter, Elithabeth Erford and Miss Isabela Erford

To Mary Matilda Erford, "A few lines to you my love I have not forgotten you yet though I do not hear one word of you any more. My dear baby I would just say that I have again consented today to have another ? on my back the doctor says that he will do all that he knows how so he sent me one 8 by 10 again (?) I have it laying on the ? where I am writing this letter. I will not try to have it on till I go to bed. I mean to try to take off the black marks off of my back that was put on by other doctors. Mary, I hope that I will hear of you in a day or two. Good bye my dear Mary, we may yet meet soon."
To Benjamin Franklin Erford, "Dear son while I live I can still picture you how you look with your gray eyes and round face had you not better come and be a Soldier in your (Pap's)? place and let ? go home. What say you to that (Prank)? So no more for this time, Good Bye."

To Mr. Simon Erford April 30
Says he hasn't heard from him, he tells him to be a good boy and don't get discharged. Says he'll send money when he gets any.

May 1st 1863
Talking about their youngest baby at home. Tells her that he saw a woman picked up off the streets today dead drunk. Says he can't give any reason for what makes him hate it here. Describes being sick and preparing to leave for Chicago, IL
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Civil War letter written by Benjamin F. Erford
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